Week 03 - Team Journal

During the lecture today Jeremy talked to us about whats happening in the week to come. We discussed the class wiki and how to use it, and how it should be used. Our draft model is due next week which Jeremy talked us through what is required. Each team then had to present their progress and their contribution to the team, our group discussed the problems we had and the steps we will take to resolve them.

During the tutorial we assigned individual tasks to one another and what date they should be completed by, as everything is linked together so it is important that each person gets their tasks done by the date given. We couldn't get much work done as the XPS laptop we had did not have sandbox 2 installed., we had a copy of Crysis which we were going to install on the XPS but then another problem occured, the DVD-ROM drive wasn't working.Wirada created a timetable for our group members which gives us deadlines of when we should finish our assigned tasks by.