Week 07 - Team Journal

Terrain Progress

Texture Progress

On Thursday ( 23rd April 2009) we once again resumed class back to normal. We had the pleasure of a guest lecturer once again from the field of psychology to speak to us about Team and Group psychology. We found this to be of particular interests as working in a group has its pro's and con's. It gave us some insights as how to behave with others, so not to cause rifts and cause major blow ups. But that all again depends on personalities being put together and have to work on an individual idea. We think that this is one of the biggest challenges faced with any group, but we are very fortunate that everyone compromises and our work gets done.

This particular group meeting we discussed how we will action all the tasks that need to be completed, we also were not happy with the terrain because our theme is about an oasis in a desert and too exemplify that, we have to be careful of our vantage points and our location.