Final Map

Below is the link to our teams final fabrication.

Well City


Team E-volve's Trailers and Extra Images

Feature Trailer

Extended Trailer

E-vole Final Map

Here is the final map, we created for the presentation.
However, we want to continue to working on it.


30 sec and two minute video


For this particular design we wanted to create an environmnet which suggests a solution for a hypothetical and highly possible solution that may occur in the fututre.
This situation is desertification.

With the challenge of using Crysis as the meduim to express the proposed design. The Key elements that were vital in the creating a real time ennvironment. Was the environmental impression, the accurately fabricated design, along with the sense of lighting, environment and interactivity.

We wanted to achieve a sense of the environment, a journey that is associated with the theme of desertification. This situation is highly possible in the future and there should be sanctuaries and place to live like this. in terms of the interior spaces, it was fabricated in such way to to display a colour scheme and some sort of difference in terms of the interior environment as opposed to the outside.

View down the well area.

Ramp corridor.

Mid section of the well.

Stephen once told us that the scale of the model is terribly out of scale. In comparison to the images provided by the architect, the front door’s size is relatively tiny when place with the external walls. With this initial wall span being over-scaled, the internal space is massive. For a house suited for two to four, this is too much spacing. Would that not be a good thing? Well, of course, but we are really trying to match the architects’ design. When trying to solve this issue, we tried to search deeper into the information provided in the eVolo website but there were none, so we just used our own scales from standards and “what’s appropriate” or “looks right”. Wilson was in-charge of the modelling. He made sure that the measurement stayed true to our analysis of 2.6m floors of 15x15 (previously 30x30). The scaling made it very possible to ‘decorate’ the internals appropriately.

The terrain stayed ultimately the same. An older map was revisited, revitalized, redesigned, reformed, and really sexy (in my opinion that is). I (Jack) gave it a little touch-up, bringing back the lake (because I initially thought it would omit the effect of the well. I also placed more trees and green along the ground. We were asked to give the space a point of entry or “how does one get there?” Our solution? A road.

External night views.

Wirada was in-charge of the furniture and interior design. For this, she researched certain contemporary designs and began applying it to the model. We, as a team, saw that there were some unexplainable texturings. For example, a stone wall like ours with wallpapers did not make sense, nor did we approve of such dark colouring. So she went ahead and revisited those rooms and redesigned it. We approved of its current design as it suits the environment and gives off a nice, warm feel or aura, if you must. In comparison to the old, this new design feels cosy and the space feels sufficiently used.

Top bedroom.

Master bedroom.

In our final and complete fabrication, we wanted to make sure our viewers or clients can see exactly what the architects’ image shows. We had pretty much discarded our old model because the windows were shocking (or maybe not) dissimilar to what the architects provided. Namely the pool image:

Private pool room.

Pool area.

Here you can clearly see our attempt to recreate this visual. I believe we have done a good job on this.



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Interior Schemes

Some interior schemes for our group progress, Wirada and I (Swati) researched and spent some time deciding on materials and the colour scheme, so we can bring some life to the interior spaces. Here are some samples we found:

Wk 12 progress

In our last week of studio we were briefed by Jeremy and Graham on our work, they gave us valuable ideas to improve our fabrications.

We have to make improvements in the outside environment, adding more vegetation, and a pathway for our terrain.

We Also have to alter the building, adding another level, as it does not match the original design of the building. Also adding the stairs to the pool, as there is not easy access in that particular area.

The lighting also needs to be fixed in terms of giving it a sense of space,
the texture and colours that were used in the fabrication. It was stressed that we have an interior theme for it.

Otherwise also some A.I too

E-volve - Intensive 15 Day Schedule


Red – E-volve Team

Yellow – Jackey Tran

Green – Wirada Deerajviset

Blue – Wilson Tan

Pink – Swati Tiku


- Accessibility – road, vehicle, pathway, etc.
- Environment – dust, wind, clouds, tornados, etc.
- Realistic vegetable – flexible to environment (e.g. wind)
- Realistic water – colour, wave, effects
Relevant Specialisations
- Custom Vegetation – Consult with Jae
- Weather Controls - Wirada
- Custom Mini Map – Stephen
- Advanced Water – Allan
- Traffic Control - Suthea

- Create Aquarium
- Fix up wall and floor
- Import new door/window styles
- Modify the existing furniture
- Create theme for each building
Relevant Specialisations
- Advance Doors and Windows – Consult with Melissa
- Advance Elevators (Movers, Escalators, etc.) - Wing

- Search for the right textures
- Modify the existing textures
- Create realistic textures – bump map, reflection, transparency, etc.
Relevant Specialisations
- Advance Textures – Consult with Pui Pui (Rebacca)

- People - sitting, talking, eating, cooking, cleaning, swimming, etc.
- Animal – birds, camels, snakes, fish, etc.
- Sound – people conversation, nature sound, action sounds, etc.
- Vehicles – people driving
- Teleporting – teleport to different buildings
- Interactive objects – TV, chair, bed, etc.
Relevant Specialisations
- Advance AI – Consult with Cameron
- Custom Animations (Character + Vehicles) – Kenneth
- Custom Characters (Change Default, ect.) - Joanne
- Advance Sound – Jane
- Advanced Player Movement (Teleportation, flying, etc.) – Teresa
- Interactivity with In-game Objects - Monica

- Artificial light - add lights both interior and exterior
- Natural light – adjust sun position and brightness
- Create on/off light switches
- Change light colours
Relevant Specialisations
- Custom Lighting Interactivity – Consult with Eva

- 1 x 30 second “Feature Trailer”
- 1 extended trailer (minimum of 2 minutes)
- Minimum 10 Stunning Images
- 5 minute Selling presentation
- Set of display panels outlining the entire project in a “Presentation Room” within the Fabrication
- Final Super Post to the team journal, including all outputs
- Complete referencing for all material used
Relevant Specialisations
- On Screen Overlays (Text, information, etc.) – Consult with Swati
- Cutscenes, Staged Walkthroughs, ect. - Jackey
- Custom HUD - Wilson
- Multiplayer Options – Karl
- High Quality Video and Image Export – Phillip
- Video (Materials, Web, etc.) – Michael
- Packaging, skinning, etc. - Alichia
- Analysis – Essmael

Week 09 - E-volve Strengths and Weaknesses from the class



Solving future sustainability issues has been taking into actions in their building proposal. I liked the idea of sustainability in their presentation which immediately captured everyone’s attention. Some fine detailed custom textures have been applied throughout their design which adds more depth to the building itself. The environment itself was nicely modeled combining with realism and interactivities.

The challenge for their design comes from the building itself which is not a interesting architecture in terms of geometry, location and interactivity. Because their design is set in the middle of a desert, the sense of building and map scale could be improved in order to bring more into the inside of their building design.

Well textures & furnishing

Very interesting video

Need to add more interactivity

Uses architecture that is in a different site context. The landscape really looks like a desert environment with a realistic looking oasis where the structure is. Good use of cinematic in the presentation give you the impersonation that you are stranded and lost then find an oasis.

The pool at the bottom of the structure doesn't show much depth and can be made to look more realistic. The other structural element which is the reservoir fulled with water should be modelled and Incorporated into the final map.

Really good take on presentation; informative, detailed and entertaining. Very realistic environment and context. Nice furnishings and interior textures.

Could add 'oasis' elements such as more greenery / birds etc. Internal circulation could also be explored further.

Evolve had some very good videos for the presentation, they where quite entertaining and used some humour which is good for a presentation. This meant people payed more attention because they didn't get bored too easily. The way they presented the videos also gave a better idea of what they are aiming for in their concept. They also had some very good internal spaces in the environment. These internal spaces where very well resolved.

Evolve had limited interactivity in there level, there was not much that the person could interact with, and not much that helped the person feel immersed or involved with the level.

Noticed that alot of work had been developed in the detail of interior textures. Incorporating a nice design. Really liked you presentation. Strong use of a storytelling narrative in your video to introduce the designs purpose.

Because of buildings position underground. We couldn't grasp the scale and overall shape of the building. Maybe you could capture and present some images of the plans in sctions of when you first developed it above ground.

The terrain is awesome, so realistic and represents exactly what it is that is being expressed.

Its a design that is underground so the idea of no windows in the building makes it feel somewhat claustrophobic. So the use of textures could maybe be used to help with a more calm environment.

Excellent on applying texture into building and furniture. All looks good. The storytelling video is quite interesting.

The context of environment might be added more interactive activities and lack of lighting effects inside building.

Textures are rich in terms of the interior of the building. It’s interesting and creative to use story telling to introduce the project.

Some of the interior is a bit dark, adding some lighting effect may help enhancing the brightness of the environment.

A good sense of landscape. Detailed furniture & textures

Lacking interactions and lightings

Good information -graphs- PowerPoint.

Beautiful desert environment and nice material texture.

Lack the concept of interactivity with the outside world, eg. how to get there?

The weakness of E-volve is the presentation of the building that includes the concept of space and the form of the building. They think the challenge is that how to deal the water feature and not let it clash with their main theme. The layout of interior furniture has been seriously taken into consideration for this team. They have troubles to import their furnitures because errors keep occuring. This consumes long time to place each piece of furniture individually for them.

The strengths of this team have successfully established good connection between the building on the site and landscape and appropriate portrayal of desert environment on the theme of survival. The textures of interior space are very rich and quite outstanding compare with the rest of teams in our class. Their interior space looks more alive with some features such as flowers, pictures, rugs, crokery, stationary and electronic devices.

Unique design
Building has a fantastic connection with the surrounding water

Design got confusing
Unrealistic elements such as no entry point

Nice interior features, great textures on furniture.

Could not get the picture of the overall design.

Building spaces are well detailed. The surrounding environment does give that image of loneliness.

Interactivity on exterior are lacking

Week 09 - Summary of Improvements

The things that we want to improve and work on for our final submission are the following:

- More AI ( Animals, Sounds )
- Each building having a different function
- make the pool area more interactive ( maybe add more beach chairs, beach balls )
- Add the plants in the glass boxes
- Lighting ( Switch on and off ?)

These are some weaknesses that our team would like to work on, and improve further, but getting into the actual project we may find some other ideas or we can push the other ones on further.

Assignment 02 - Team E-Volve's Final Map Fabrication

Below is a link to download our team's final map:

Location of the folders
- The map --> C:Program Files/Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis/Game/Levels
- objects --> C:Program Files/Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis/Game

In this particular project the final submission was a challenge as we had to complete everything in the final submission including the atmospherics, the lighting , the sound, video’s and the furnishing of our building. As a team we had to action our weaknesses before we could continue on the project itself. One main weakness, or one the aspects is the space that has not been created yet. Having no concept of space sort of did not define or help convey our concepts , and needs to be worked on. The other weakness is presentation of the building. Although it is preliminary work, it still needs to have some sort of form, just to show what it will look like in the end form.

The crymod website was really useful in most stages of the project, it provided the necessary information to execute the tasks. Through out the Project there were various hiccups, mostly time consuming or even just our group not agreeing on things. The first one was the terrain, as a group we had to completely agree on the final terrain, now that was a problem because some of us wanted it to convey an oasis and others wanted it to be conveyed as an desert just isolated in the middle of no where ? So we ended up created an area for a single dwelling in the middle of no where, there are strong themes of isolation and desertification. The building looks quite beautiful and aesthetically pleasing in the Twilight.

Another challenge is not to allow water from the outside environment dominate that of which is in the building, because the water aspect is the most important feature of the building. And if we placed the water outside the building then that in turn would seriously affect the themes and concept of being isolated.

When having to arrange the furniture it was not as easy as it seems, just by dropping it in the building. The things that need to seriously be taken into consideration spacing between them, and also the layout. The problem in crysis was to organise objects in crysis, especially in the building. For example when the origin point of any particular building is inside the building but when confused of the orientation the object is outside. And that is when placing furniture in crysis becomes time consuming. In regards to furniture it proved to be difficult as because when importing into crysis, you cannot export all the furniture all at once, because errors occur and some of the furniture does not appear which in essence changes the aesthetics of the space.

Then the next task was to create the lighting, same as the objects, that was the problem that was encountered, it was very time consuming starting the lighting over again, the lighting also had to be tested during the night and day, for practical purposes.