Assignment 02 - Team E-Volve's Final Map Fabrication

Below is a link to download our team's final map:

Location of the folders
- The map --> C:Program Files/Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis/Game/Levels
- objects --> C:Program Files/Electronic Arts/Crytek/Crysis/Game

In this particular project the final submission was a challenge as we had to complete everything in the final submission including the atmospherics, the lighting , the sound, video’s and the furnishing of our building. As a team we had to action our weaknesses before we could continue on the project itself. One main weakness, or one the aspects is the space that has not been created yet. Having no concept of space sort of did not define or help convey our concepts , and needs to be worked on. The other weakness is presentation of the building. Although it is preliminary work, it still needs to have some sort of form, just to show what it will look like in the end form.

The crymod website was really useful in most stages of the project, it provided the necessary information to execute the tasks. Through out the Project there were various hiccups, mostly time consuming or even just our group not agreeing on things. The first one was the terrain, as a group we had to completely agree on the final terrain, now that was a problem because some of us wanted it to convey an oasis and others wanted it to be conveyed as an desert just isolated in the middle of no where ? So we ended up created an area for a single dwelling in the middle of no where, there are strong themes of isolation and desertification. The building looks quite beautiful and aesthetically pleasing in the Twilight.

Another challenge is not to allow water from the outside environment dominate that of which is in the building, because the water aspect is the most important feature of the building. And if we placed the water outside the building then that in turn would seriously affect the themes and concept of being isolated.

When having to arrange the furniture it was not as easy as it seems, just by dropping it in the building. The things that need to seriously be taken into consideration spacing between them, and also the layout. The problem in crysis was to organise objects in crysis, especially in the building. For example when the origin point of any particular building is inside the building but when confused of the orientation the object is outside. And that is when placing furniture in crysis becomes time consuming. In regards to furniture it proved to be difficult as because when importing into crysis, you cannot export all the furniture all at once, because errors occur and some of the furniture does not appear which in essence changes the aesthetics of the space.

Then the next task was to create the lighting, same as the objects, that was the problem that was encountered, it was very time consuming starting the lighting over again, the lighting also had to be tested during the night and day, for practical purposes.

Assignment 2 - Video Captures

Well City - Basis and Detail

Well City - Experience

Assignment 02 - Image Captures

Week 07 - Team Progress

As time runs short, the team is starting to feel the classical pressure of "are we going to finish this on time?"
Luckily, the team is following the projected schedule as tightly as possible (of course, this update was a result of a delayed self-reminder).

As of this point, the terrain is near completion (about 99% - there seems to be just something that has not yet been included). The video below shows how the terrain looks as it is:

The building model is at a satisfactory level. There is no wow-factor, but note that it is still incomplete. It will be revised once every prelim-secondary aspect is finalized and in-place. Also, when all the new, never before encountered technical issues are resolved. The images are as follows: